My 2019 book Foundations of Stage Makeup is available for purchase anywhere books are sold. If you're interested in the content CLICK HERE. You will be directed to Routledge Press' website. While there, check out the engaging blog about trauma makeup. The best part about owning this book is the online content. Check it out. I hope you enjoy!

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As you can see from my menu list, I have a variety of artistic areas in which I like to dabble. I received my Masters of Fine Arts in Wig Making from the University of Cincinnati - Conservatory of Music and have created wigs for numerous theatrical companies, universities, and individual clients. Along with wig making, I am an accomplished makeup artist and instructor. In 2019, my textbook "Foundations of Stage Makeup" was released through Routledge Press. It is a great source of instruction into the basic foundations of makeup for theatre, film, and opera. I also enjoy writing about the things I love and the things that inspire me.  

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