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Published Titles

Foundations of Stage Makeup (2019 - Routledge Publishing)


Foundations of Stage Makeup is a comprehensive exploration into the creative world of stage makeup. Step-by-step makeup applications paired with textual content create an enriching experience for future performers and makeup artists.


Students will learn relevant history, color theory, makeup sanitation processes, and the use of light and shadow to engage in discussions about the aspects of professional makeup. Those foundations are then paired with a semester’s-worth of descriptive, engaging makeup applications. Old age makeup, blocking out eyebrows, gory burns, and creating fantastical creatures are just a few of the rewarding techniques found in Foundations of Stage Makeup.


The book is complemented by an eResource page featuring makeup tutorials and an instructor’s manual with example assignments and tips to teaching each chapter. To purchase a copy or to view the eResources page Click Here

A Mouthful of Goose: backstage stories from A Christmas Carol  (2013)

For 4 seasons, I worked at the Tony Award-Winning Regional Theatre, the Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park. While there, I discovered a passion for writing. Over the course of 2 years, I wrote and self-published my first book entitled "A Mouthful of Goose: backstage stories from A Christmas Carol."

This book is a collection of short stories and anecdotes from my time running wig-crew on the annual production of A Christmas Carol. Through personal insights, I weave together tales of holiday spirits, delicious delicacies, and festive frivolities. 

Paper-back or digital copies may be purchased at or by Clicking Here.

Titles In Production

Rosebud Lei and the Flower Quest (querying)

RL 00.jpg

When my first daughter was 3 years old, I created a story about a brave, young princess who questioned why there were no flowers in her land. I would tell this story to my daughter very often. One day I decided to turn this story into a book; then I could share with the world the story of Rosebud Lei, the young girl who brought flowers and color back into a dreary land. 

My desire for this book is that it not only shows young girls that everyone can be brave but that it will inspire readers to explore art techniques for themselves. I hope the bright colors and vibrant illustrations are a joy for children and adults alike. 

Sonny On-Stage 

Sally Backstage

When Wigs Attack

The Wig-eating Wig

Lucy's WIG Adventure

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