Wig making can be fun but challenging. Here are a few photos from some of my favorite projects. I'm always working on new projects; be sure to check for updates.

Silver hairpiece

Custom hairpiece for client. Made from virgin silver hair.


Custom hairpiece modeled on client.


Fully hand-tied textured wig


Beast's wig from college production of "Beauty and the Beast" I sewed weft in back and fronted.

Spiked Wig

Hand-tied top and front for Professional Magician

Fall of Heaven_021

Fully hand-tied afro wig styled into cornrows


5 styled Beehives


Geisha Wig styled for the opera, Madame Butterfly


2 wig fronts on film lace

Witch Prosthetics

Pre-made witch appliance which I painted and made ready for stage.


Long-hair wig front on film lace


If you are interested in having a wig or hairpiece made, please refer to the below PDF files. The first is a pricing menu where you can review my list of services as well as the price associated with each. The second document is the Client Agreement. If you decide one of my products is right for you, please print it out, sign it and email it back to me. 

The following links will direct you to my youtube page. The first link illustrates how you can take a head tracing. Tracings are needed for me to create a custom hairline. The second link examples how to clean the lace of your new wig.